Teen’s love of cop shows helped her drop evidence to catch serial rapist monster

Lisa McVey, 17, was riding her bike home one night after her shift at a doughnut shop. Suddenly, she was pushed off it, dragged into a car, tied up and blindfolded.

She was then taken to an apartment and raped for 26 hours.

The evil sicko who had kidnapped her was Bobby Joe Long, and there was little hope of her leaving there alive.

After raping more than 50 women in Florida – by answering items for sale adverts in newspapers, visiting houses and then raping women if they were home alone – he then began a murderous killing spree.

In just nine months in 1984 he killed ten women, getting sadistic sexual pleasure from the abduction, rape, and brutal murder of his victims. Some were eventually strangled, others had their throats cut or were beaten to death.

Like most women in the Tampa Bay area, teenager Lisa knew a serial killer was on the loose and she had fallen into his hands… "you think, 'It can't happen to me,' but it did."

But as a fan of TV police shows, Lisa decided to try and help cops find the beast, even if she didn't make it out alive.

In his car, she made sure to leave traces of blood in the back seat area to leave evidence behind.

Even though she was blindfolded, she tried to remember the rough route the car was taking and, when they got to Long's flat, she counted the stairs to his apartment.

During her horrific ordeal she was allowed to go to the bathroom and quickly made sure to try and leave as many fingerprints as possible around the entire room.

She even tried to form a mental picture of him using the sense of touch alone.

She said: "At one time he placed my hands on his face. I was blindfolded but felt there were pockmarks, a small mustache, small ears, short hair, clean-cut, kind of stout, but not overweight; a big guy."

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She then did something almost unbelievable. She managed to convince him to let her go, talking to him like he was a four-year-old.

She said: 'I told him listen, it's unfortunate how we met, but I can be your girlfriend. I could take care of you, and no one ever has to know.'"

She told him she had a sick father only she could care for and amazingly, Long let her live and dropped her off near the spot where she was taken.

"I pulled my blindfold down, and the first thing I saw was this gorgeous, beautiful oak tree. That's the moment I knew my life was about to change for the good. I saw the branches of new life."

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When she reported the crime to police, some officers did not believe her tale, but the details she had remembered convinced cops she was telling the truth.

Two detectives subsequently spotted Long's car and pulled him over, but did not have enough evidence to arrest him.

So they lied, said there had been a robbery in the area and told him they were taking his picture to show the victim so he could be ruled out as a suspect.

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Instead they showed the picture to Lisa who confirmed Long was the sick killer. After his arrest they found a mass of evidence linking him to his other brutal crimes.

On May 23, 2019 – 30 years after his deranged killing spree, and after a final meal of roast beef, bacon, french fries and soda – he was executed by lethal injection.

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As for Lisa McVey, she joined the Sherriff's department which captured the killer and has helped protect others ever since.

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey is rated 15 and stars Katie Douglas. It is available to stream now on Netflix.

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