Tearful Charles can’t hide emotion over ‘finality’ of Queen’s death

A body language expert has claimed that King Charles III was on the brink of tears as he came to terms with the ‘finality’ of his mother the Queen’s death.

The King has been involved in an incredibly busy schedule since the Queen passed away, appearing in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as featuring at a large number of marches and vigils in her memory.

But today (September 19), as he said his final goodbye to his mother at Windsor Castle, who ascended to the throne just three years after he was born, it seemed that his emotions almost got the better of him as he fought hard to keep back tears.

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It seems that the permanence of what was about to happen, the definitive act of committing the Queen’s coffin to the ground, was finally enough to put a crack in the otherwise invincible armour of the new monarch.

Few would disagree that Charles has been a steadfast pillar of strength for his family and for the nation in these emotional days, but even he almost let his emotions get the better of him.

Speaking to the Daily Star, The Face Whisperer Adrianna Carter said: “Charles looks watery-eyed as he places the colours on the coffin as does the Lord Chamberlain.

“The finality and historic moments will be emotional and we can see it on the King's face.

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"King Charles was extremely emotional during the anthem. His eyes well up and he bites his lip to contain his emotion. There’s no doubt he is a grieving son."

She also said: "Sophie looked like she is crying as the coffin is lowered."

Adrianna noticed however that the difficult moment at Windsor Castle may also have been an important part of the process of letting go and moving forward.

She felt that: “Charles looked more relaxed as he shook the clergy's hands as they left.

“The strong emotion had passed and he looked relieved. He managed a smile as he shook hands as he departed.”

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