Teachers should drop ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’ for ‘gender neutral language’ expert says

Experts have recommended teachers stop being referred to by 'Sir' or 'Miss' in school, according to a leaked lecture.

The lecture, titled Getting the Language Right for 2022, was delivered by Dr Elly Barnes who said that rather than using gendered titles, staff should be referred to as "teacher" – followed by their last name.

Dr Barnes also said the school application forms should have gendered categories like "male" and "female" removed, according to reports.

In addition, the lecture advised the use of phrases like "head pupil" over "head boy" and "parent" over "mother".

The lecture was delivered to members of the National Education Union by the chief executive of the educate and celebrate charity.

On Educate and Celebrate's website, Dr Elly Barnes is described as "an experienced educationalist, founder and CEO of Educate & Celebrate, a charity that empowers and supports leadership teams, boards, governors, schools and businesses to build a future of inclusion and social justice."

In response, the Evening Standard reports that the NEU is investigating whether the lecture was in keeping with their policies.

Speaking to the paper, an NEU spokesman said: "An increasing number of teenagers are identifying as non-binary, and education needs to respond to this – but the NEU does not believe that schools can or should adopt gender-neutral language across the board.

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“This training came from an external provider and was organised locally.

"The NEU will review its contents to ensure it is consistent with our policies.”

The Daily Star has approached Educate & Celebrate for comment.

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