Teachers in ‘battle bus’ knock on doors of kids who don’t show up for school

A dedicated group of teachers has declared war on pupils bunking off class by turning up at the doorstep of kids who don’t come in.

Staff at Cumberland Community School in east London race around in a minibus every morning after register to knock on the absent youngster’s doors and quiz them on why they aren’t in class.

They’ve dubbed their vehicle the ‘Battle Bus’ and will even go to the house if a child has a sick note from parents but is regularly ill.

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If the school knock and nobody answers then a teacher posts a note through the door, while if parents do not provide a reason for absence they double back for a visit later on.

The education facility says their hardline policy is working – their GCSE results have completely transformed from among the worst performing to the best in the country.

Headteacher Ekhlas Rahman explained: “The reality is that non-attendance at school can have a devastating impact on a child’s education and their life chances.

“When children are not at school, they are missing out on learning that is crucial to their future development…

“Over the years school have got use to the most outrageous excuse for not being at school. Frankly, it is not good enough.

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“To make this work we go out knocking on the door in the morning to get the students out of bed.”

He said the policy also ensures they can check if a family needs any support.

Whilst the bullish CEO of the Community Schools Trust, Simon Elliott, added: “You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to work out if you don’t attend school it’s will have a detrimental impact on your learning…

“When children are not at school often they are putting themselves in situations which could be dangerous or damaging.

“Those doorstep conversations are crucial to make sure we are offering the right kind of support to families.”

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