Teacher who sent sexy snaps to pupil she was sleeping with ‘made terrible error’

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A teacher who seduced a teenage student for sex with lingerie pictures has dodged a prison sentence, it has been reported.

Allyssa Gustafson, 24, admitted having sex with a 14-year-old boy she had met in class when she was a teaching assistant at the Circle Academy in Urbana, Illinois.

The state’s Assistant Attorney, Kristin Alferink, said Gustafson and the boy had several sexual encounters between May and August 2019.

In that time, Alferink said Gustafson sent the teen "photos of herself in lingerie and a bathing suit" and had instructed him to delve any social-media posts between the two of them.

Gustafson has since said she made a "terrible error in judgement" and recognises her actions "hurt a lot of people."

Apologising to the boy’s mother through tears, she said: "I am sorry for the pain I have caused so many people.

"I made a terrible error in judgment and this has hurt a lot of people."

Gustafson, who now lives in Tuscola, pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse for engaging in a sex act with a 14-year-old, but escaped a more serious charge of criminal sexual assault..

Prosecutor Alferink had tried to seek a five year prison sentence for Gustafson but her attorney, Mark Lipton, had a sex-offender evaluator and treatment provider testify that he found Gustafson to be at low risk to re-offend.

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Michael Kleppin said Gustafson had been helped by counselling over the past seven months and said he’s not aware of any treatment in prison for female sex offenders.

Mr Lipton also argued she is no danger to the community, has strong family support and would be closely monitored while on probation.

Judge Roger Webber said on Friday he did not believe Allyssa Gustafson, was a danger to the public and gave her four years probation.

He also ordered Gustafson to go on the sex offender register for life, branding it |the modern-day equivalent of the scarlet letter" and claimed it was serve to punish her.

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