Teacher ‘licked and shimmied down teen’ at prom before they ‘had sex at hotel’

A PE teacher who allegedly had sex with a teenage student has been accused of "licking" his hands and rubbing herself against him hours before at prom.

Aileen Sangster, the deputy headteacher at Gleniffer High, Scotland, says she watched in disbelief as Melissa Tweedie "shimmied up and down" against the student.

The former teacher turned yoga instructor reportedly partied with pupils at Glasgow's SWG3 nightclub before having sex with the student in a hotel room at a Premier Inn.

Miss Tweedie, who was 23 at the time, was accused of downing shots with her pupils before being spotted with nine of them in a hotel room.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) heard earlier this week that the pair kissed after the other students left the room due to a noise complaint.

It was reported that they left the room and went downstairs to have sex after dancing in June 2017, reports Daily Record.

Ms Sangster, 59, has since told the GTCS that Miss Tweedie had been dressed "inappropriately" at the prom but "put this down to inexperience".

"Melissa was dancing inappropriately with Pupil A shimmying up and down his back," she said.

"I noticed Miss Tweedie due to the outfit she was wearing"

She added: "After the meal she had a drink in her hand every time I saw her. She said some odd things but nothing offensive.

"She said: 'I feel like this is my prom.' She was talking about her boys, her football boys.

"I later found out that she had never taught any of the boys on the football team."

She spoke of seeing Miss Tweedie and Pupil A at the bar at the prom: "Melissa was standing with Pupil A licking the backs of their hands and taking a shot."

Ms Sangster also mentioned Miss Tweedie's dancing: "Melissa was in the thick of it dancing with Pupil A.

"She danced with us for a couple of songs, then returned to dance with Pupil A. Melissa was dancing inappropriately with Pupil A shimmying up and down his back."

When questioned by Gary Burton, the presenting officer, she said: "They didn't seem to be strangers and they hooked [met up on the dance floor] up after the meal.

"She had her back to his back and was shimmying. At one point he had his hands on his waist.

"I didn't see her doing this with anyone else. I didn't see her stopping that behaviour.

"I think she was hugging him at one point."

When cross-examined by the panel, speaking about her concern for her at the event at SWG3, she said: "I was more concerned about Melissa at that point.

"I thought she had maybe drank too much.

"I could never have foreseen what the outcome was going to be."

She also said during the questioning: "I think she had a mindset that she wasn't going to be deterred.

"We were trying to diffuse it.

"She was determined to go back [to dancing]."

The hearing continues.

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