Swimsuit-clad revellers defy coronavirus advice by flocking to beach in heat

Hundreds of swimsuit-clad revellers have continued to defy coronavirus social-distancing advice by choosing to sun themselves on the beach instead of stay at home.

Britain is currently on a nationwide lockdown, which prevents anyone from leaving their home for anything other than essential reasons.

Strict measures have been imposed across the world, including Australia, where all libraries, museums, galleries, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, shopping centre food courts, auctions, open houses, amusement parks, arcades, indoor and outdoor play centres, swimming pools are closed.

On Monday, bars, pubs, nightclubs and restaurants were added to the list, with eaters and cafes restricted to providing takeaway only.

Despite these strict measures, bikini-clad revellers were snapped at St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia.

The beach was pictured packed full of men and women lounging around in the sun laughing with friends.

One couple can even be seen in brightly coloured swimsuits as they walk past a large group of revellers.

The revellers looked as though coronavirus couldn’t be further from their mind as temperatures rocketed to 28C.

In one picture, it looks as though an individual has rode in on their bike to join the crowd.

Others can be seen with a beer in their hand, chatting as the sun shone in the last of the summer sun.

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Countries all over the world are having to enforce social distancing measures.

Australia has implemented some fines, with one woman in New South Wales being fined $1,000 (£500) for defying the rules twice.

NSW Police Minister, David Elliott, said: "The fact that people are still not complying is the reason why we have police out in full force enforcing these directions."

In the UK, Brits could be issued with a £60 fine, or an arrest if a person is caught severely disobeying the measures.

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