Sweden shooting: Horror as gunman opens fire in busy shopping centre – mass evacuation

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Swedish police have cordoned off part of the Emporia shopping centre in Malmo.

The police force said that shots have been fired in the area.

They add that emergency services are there with a “large amount of resources”.

Swedish newspaper Expressen reports that people have locked themselves in amid the chaos. 

One person told the outlet that he and others hid in a warehouse. 

He said: “We were inside Kicks when people started running into the store.

“The staff opened a back door so we had to hide in a storage room.

“We sat in there, 16 people. Everyone was scared.”

Another, who was outside the shopping centre when the shooting started, said: “It is the worst thing you can imagine”.

According to TV4 Nyheterna, witnesses have heard about 20 shots.

Newspaper Sydsvenskan said that police entered the shopping centre with their guns drawn. 

Police are asking for anyone who saw the shooting or were present when it happened to provide statements, while urging others to stay away from the area.

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