Swarm of killer hornets stung hunter to death in secluded mountains

An Austrian man has been stung to death by a swarm of hornets after they reportedly attacked him in remote mountains.

The man, known only as Erich K, was allegedly attacked on August 19 while he sheltered in a wooden hunting stand.

He was a professional furniture maker and had been out hunting around the Poppendorf-Bergen area in the town of Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal in the Austrian state of Burgenland.

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The 58-year-old was found unresponsive, rolling in and out of consciousness, by emergency services who received his call after he managed to escape the gang of vicious insects.

Despite managing to get away, the interaction still cost him his life and died in hospital from his injuries.

Officials said: "Erich called a colleague by cell phone and briefly told him what had happened."

A hornets’ nest was found close to where he died.

Speaking on Sunday, inspectors said: "There are two cable holes in the wood on the back, which serve as an entrance and exit for the insects. They buzz around wildly.

"The hornets react immediately to jerky, fast movements. No one dares to get too close to them."

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Tributes have poured in for Erich, the Mirror reports, with a pal saying: "Erich was a man with 100% handshake qualities. His tragic death hits us all hard."

Another said: "We will miss Erich terribly!"

While a hornet’s sting isn’t a definite killer, they can cause some people to have very specific reactions.

Multiple stings can be far more harmful.


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