Spain chaos: Thousands jam Madrid roads as furious protests erupt over lockdown ‘prison’

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Traffic jams have overwhelmed Madrid’s roads as furious protesters emerge from the coronavirus shutdown. Organised by Spain’s far-right party, Vox, thousands called on the Government to resign over their handling of the pandemic. Furious Spaniards are accusing the socialist Government of violating their rights by keeping people at home and closing businesses during the lockdown.

One protester told Channel 4: “I’m here to ask for the Government to resign.

“We are tired of being kept in prison.”

Vox has urged demonstrators to attend the ‘Caravan for Spain and Liberty’ in vehicles.

This is in order to get round the current ban on social gatherings.

Spanish Government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero said that the right to protest “cannot be confused with a right to infect”.

She said: “This is a country where people can protest freely.

“But we would like them to transmit the truth about what is happening in this country, where the right to expression is protected.”

Protests were also held in Barcelona, Seville and other provincial capitals.

The country’s state of emergency has been extended until the end of June after Prime Minister Sanchez issued a request to Parliament.

Many have seen this as a bid to use the pandemic as a means of retaining power.

Some are even calling for the exit of his entire cabinet.

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Spain’s Government said the confinement measures have been necessary to save the nation’s hospitals from collapse and thousands of more lives.

More than 28,000 Spaniards have been confirmed to have died from COVID-19.

Some 70 percent of the country is now in phase one of the country’s lockdown exit, which allows for gatherings of up to 10 people and partial reopening of the hospitality industry.

Cinemas, museums and other cultural businesses are also allowed at reduced capacity.

However, other regions like Barcelona are remaining at Phase Zero, with most restrictions still in place.

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