Snow and ice warning to continue as Britain battles with a cold snap

UK Weather: Temperatures ‘well below’ freezing

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The Met Office has extended the snow and ice warning for parts of the UK as Brits continue to face the cold waves. There are three yellow warnings in place at the moment with two for ice and one for snow and ice. The warning of snow and ice will be effective until Friday.

According to the weather report, outbreaks of sleet and snow will spread across much of southern, central and western Scotland through Friday.

The department stated: “1-3 cm of snow is likely in places below 200 metres, with 5-8 cm possible above 200 metres south of the Central Belt.

“Over high ground north of the Central Belt, there is potential for 10-20cm to accumulate above 200 metres through Friday.

“Later in the day, snow at low levels will likely turn to rain. In addition to the snow, sleet or rain may fall onto frozen surfaces leading to some icy conditions.”

The alert comes as the body of a woman in Shetland, Scotland, was found on Tuesday following severe snowfall in the region, though it is not yet known if her death was related to the weather.

Energy firm SSEN Distribution warned that many homes there will be without power until the end of the week as engineers face “extremely challenging conditions”.

Shetland has been issued with an additional yellow weather warning with gusts of up to 65mph forecast for some parts.

The extended Level 3 cold weather alert issued by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) covers all of England and is now in place until 9am on Friday December 16.

As a result of that alert, people are advised to look out for friends and family who may be vulnerable, and ensure they have access to warm food and drinks and can heat their homes adequately.

Temperatures fell to a low of -17.3C (0.8F) in the early hours of Tuesday in Braemar in the Scottish Highlands – making it the UK’s coldest night since February 2021.

Braemar looks set to be the coldest spot in the UK for a third night running with temperatures as low as -10C.

Forecasters says strengthening winds across Scotland may prevent temperatures falling as low as previous nights.

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Meanwhile, showers of sleet and snow will continue across coastal parts of eastern England, especially this evening and the early part of the night.

These showers will fall onto surfaces that are below freezing, leading to some slippery conditions where surfaces remain untreated, due to either ice or a slight dusting of snowfall.

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