Skull and bones of teen found at lion safari park sparking major mystery

The skull and bones of a missing teenager have been found at a lion enclosure at a Pakistan safari park.

The bones belonging to Muhammad Bilal, 18, were found by staff who went to feed the animals on Wednesday, Chaudhry Shafqat, deputy director general of Lahore Safari Park, said.

Police later claimed his family had later ransacked the attraction in protest at what they claimed was incompetence by authorities.

Members of Bilal's family declined to comment at the park, as they were too upset to speak to reporters.

Shafqat told Reuters the park had "more than enough safety measures in place", and questioned whether Bilal had been killed before his body ended up in the enclosure.

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He said: "We are still wondering how he crossed the protective fence which is quite high and entered the lions' field," he said, adding the young man had been missing for the past two days.

Shafqat continued: "I think the police will also investigate whether the man himself climbed the fence and went inside or someone threw his dead body inside for the lions to eat."

He said Bilal's family told him and the police he had gone to the park to see one of his uncles who worked there.

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Police official Najeeb Awan said they were investigating the incident.

Awan said Bilal's family and neighbours attacked offices at the attraction, smashed windows and damaged vehicles.

They also blocked a main highway and demanded the government initiate criminal proceedings against the park's management, Awan said.

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