Skipp Anderson found not guilty in sexual assault retrial

Skipp Anderson has been found not guilty of sexual assault in his retrial on the same charge.

The verdict was handed down in a Saskatoon courtroom on Wednesday morning.

Anderson, the former owner of Pink Lounge & Nightclub, was accused of having intercourse with another man without his consent.

Justice Alison Rothery said the essential element the Crown had to prove was that the man did not consent to have sex with Anderson.

She said the Crown failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Anderson lacked an “honest and mistaken belief” that the man consented.

In January 2018, a jury found Anderson guilty of sexually assaulting the man. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The conviction was overturned in March 2019 after the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal determined the jury heard prejudicial information and wasn’t properly instructed by the judge.

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