Sick parents face jail after keeping baby’s body in kimchi jar for three years

A pair of sick parents have been arrested on suspicion of leaving their infant's body in a vegetable container for three years.

The South Korean couple are alleged to have left their deceased infant inside of a kimchi container, with police in the city of Pocheon, outside of capital Seoul, saying the youngster had died at just 15 months old.

But the parents of the youngster who was just a few months over the age of one did not inform authorities about the death.

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They were only found to have been allegedly housing the dead infant once a failure to register the child on preschool rosters was shown.

Among those absences was also a suspicious lack of doctor's checkups, with local authorities acting on these suspicions and subsequently arresting the 34-year-old mother on suspicion of violating child welfare laws.

Yet even after her arrest, the mother denied that her 15 month old daughter had actually died, instead claiming the youngster had been abandoned on the street.

The father, an unnamed 29-year-old, was arrested two days after investigators found the infant's body in a plastic container just 34 centimetres long, 24 centimetres wide and 17 centimetres tall.

Subsequent police interviews saw the mum admit to hiding her child's body with her husband.

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Police are continuing their investigation into the death of the youngster and the subsequent concealment of the body in a kimchi jar.

Authorities believe the infant died while the father was in prison and that, once he was discharged, the couple decided to hide the body on the roof of their parents' home.

Should the pair be found guilty of fatal child abuse crimes they could be punished with a minimum five year sentence.

At most, the pair could receive a life imprisonment with labour sentencing, Vice has reported.

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