Sex doll owners admit to falling in love with silicone ‘that can’t hurt them’

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    Sex doll owners admitted that they believed their silicone companion was the "ideal romantic partner" for them and that they felt an emotional attachment to it.

    The research was carried out by the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and Sex Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany.

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    While approximately half of the participants said that they considered their doll to be "the ideal partner for me and I feel emotionally attached to it" or that it was a temporary substitute for a human partner, the other half reported that they simply regarded the dolls as sex toys.

    A total of 217 doll users were questioned for the study boasting an average age of 43 with the youngest participant 18 and the eldest 77.

    Of those involved, 91.7% identified as male, 2.3% as women, 2.3% as non-binary and 2.09% as other.

    Just over two-thirds (67.7%) also identified as heterosexual.

    Those that regarded themselves as being in a relationship with their doll were found to be more likely to agree with statements such as "I am in love with my doll," "Having a sex doll improved my mental health," and "I use dolls because I find the bodies of my potential human sexual partners less attractive."

    They were also the individuals in the survey that were more likely to be single or divorced.

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    From those canvassed who perceived their doll as having more human-like traits, researchers also found that they were slightly more likely to agree with statements such as "The first thing I notice about a woman is her body" and "I feel that many times women flirt with men just to tease them or hurt them."

    But roughly seven out of 10 of the participants claimed that using dolls had not changed their image of women.

    One male declared: "I respect women and see dolls no different than a large flashlight or masturbator."

    Nearly 10% did, however, report that they had become less interested in women since they started using a sex doll.

    The full findings of the study have been published in The Journal of Sex Research.


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