Serial rapist battered and bruised in mugshot after victim fights back

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A serial rapist was left battered and bruised in his mugshot after a brave survivor of one his attacks boldly fought back.

Reynhard Sinaga was arrested in 2017 and taken into police custody with two black eyes, bruising to his forehead and nose and steri strips bonding cuts to his eyebrows.

He had been beaten so badly by a teenager lured back to his flat, that medics feared he had a bleed on the brain, Manchester Evening News reports.

The stark image is a far cry from the multitude of flattering selfies the self-obsessed predator posed to Facebook and Instagram.

Greater Manchester Police have released the image for the first time, ahead of a BBC documentary, Catching a Predator, which looks at the police investigation into Sinaga’s horrific crimes.

That investigation began when vile predator Sinaga was found in a pool of blood, on the bathroom floor of his apartment on Princess Street, in Manchester city centre, back in June 2017.

In a scene captured on CCTV, Sinaga was stretchered from his home, slipping in and out of consciousness, and was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary by ambulance.

When he finally came around the following day, knowing the truth about his own crimes, he asked a nurse a chilling question.

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“What happened? Was I raped?”

Far from the victim he claimed to be, Sinaga is in fact the most prolific rapist in British judicial history – worse even than the notorious ‘black cab rapist’ John Worboys.

He has attacked more than 200 men, offending with impunity for more than a decade, police say.

To those who knew him, he was chatty ‘Rey’ – a Christian, churchgoing PhD student who studied at Manchester and Leeds universities.

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In truth, he is an obsessive rapist who lured hundreds of men back to his city-centre flat, drugged them with drinks laced with GHB or GBL and filmed the attacks on two mobile phones.

Sinaga has been described by one detective as a “narcissist and a psychopath”, and by the judge who jailed him as a “highly dangerous, cunning and deceitful individual who will never be safe to be released”.

But he was only unmasked because of the actions of a brave teenager, who woke one dreadful morning face down on the floor with the rapist lying on top of him.

Like many before him, the teenager had been lured back to Sinaga’s flat on false pretences, with the rapist posing as a Good Samaritan who was helping him relocate his friends.

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But unlike the others, he woke in the middle of an attack, managed to fight back and threw Sinaga to the ground, leaving him badly injured on the bathroom floor.

In the confusion he grabbed Sinaga’s iPhone and fled.

He then made a 999 call that triggered an extraordinary investigation, revealing how Sinaga stalked Manchester’s clubland for years, attacking males aged 17 to 36 after knocking them out with drugs.

Sinaga is currently serving a 40-year prison sentence after being convicted of 136 rapes, eight attempted rapes, 13 sexual assaults and two assaults by penetration.

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