Schoolboy, 12, is ‘smarter than Einstein’ after acing IQ test Christmas present

A schoolboy from Bristol has discovered he has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein after taking a Mensa test he got for Christmas.

Barnaby Swinburn, 12, scored the highest possible score for under-18s with a total of 162. It is believed that Einstein’s IQ was 160, meaning Barnaby beats one of the greatest physicists of all time.

He has now been accepted into the high IQ society after receiving his top score this week, reports Bristol Live.

To get into the high IQ society you have to score in the top two percent of the population, and Barnaby scored in the top one percent.

His mum Ghislaine told Bristol Live: “I knew he was smart, but he decided that he wanted to understand himself more, that’s why he booked it.”

The year eight pupil took the test after asking for it as a Christmas present.

“Maths is his thing, maths and chemistry,” said Ghislaine.

“There’s two types of tests in Mensa, the first one is mostly images and sequences, the second one is a lot of language.

“They take the two tests and use the highest result. He got the highest possible score for a child which is 162.”

As well as the Mensa test, Barnaby has asked for cryptocurrency for Christmas, despite only being 12-years-old.

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“He’s been watching the markets,” Ghislaine said. “He’ll be getting an envelope with money in it for Christmas which he’ll turn into cryptocurrency.”

“He’s very ambitious, an absolute joker and a class clown. He’s so caring and lovely.”

Barnaby has his sights set on big things for the future.

“He wants to become a programmer,” Ghislaine said. “He’s already looking at university courses, and he wants to go to Oxford.”

To find out more about Mensa and booking an IQ test,see here.

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