Satanic Temple set for ‘largest ever gathering ‘as worshippers told to ‘mask up’

The ominous tones of Satanism are set for a masked get-together under the Satanic Temple banner, who are set to mark a chilling historic event.

Preparing the "largest satanic gathering in history", a convention has been put together for all things devilish, after their initial plan was rejected by the Mayor of Boston.

The United States-based religious organisation is hoping to mark SatanCon 2023 as an event in downtown Boston this April, even after Mayor Michelle Wu rejected the group's plans.

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With the Satanic Temple committed to safety, they have made it clear that "masks" must be worn, although they will not allow "gaiters, bandanas, and cloth masks".

Coming together under the celebration of The Satanic Temple's 10-year established anniversary, followers of the eerie, edgy religion will take part in the "Hexennacht in Boston."

Translated from German to English, that marks the celebration as "Witches Night", the ancient pagan holiday that will this year feature a "satanic marketplace".

Due to the back-and-forth with Mayor Wu, The Satanic Temple has decided to dedicate the celebration to her and "her unconstitutional efforts to keep TST out of Boston's public spaces."

Said group filed a lawsuit against the city back in 2021 for being denied the chance to carry out a satanic plan in front of a City Council meeting.

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That is not the first run in with the City Hall office that The Satanic Temple have had to deal with, though, as numerous other troubles have seen a feud develop.

Back in 2021 also was the request to raise a flag at Boston City Hall in the hopes of commemorating "Satan Appreciation Week" in July 2021.

Such a request was denied in October 2021, after the city announced they would no longer be taking or accepting applications to raise flags at the building, Yahoo reported.

Just last year the temple found themselves at odds with teh city yet again, after former Mayor Jim Lane denied a request to invoke Satan at a City Council meeting.

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