Russian soldiers armed with AI-powered flamethrower ‘more effective than guns’

The Russian army is set to be given a highly powerful “reactive” AI-powered rocket-propelled flamethrower, Kremlin-backed media reports.

A new weapon has been described as being “more effective than guns”, and is being rolled out as a way of destroying “fortified areas”.

The claims come from Vladimir Putin-loving Russian news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets, with other outlets suggesting AI makes it a “reactive” flamethrower rather than a normal one.

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It is called a Borodach MPO-A – or the Bearded Man.

A source told MK: “After these weapons enter the special military operation zone, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will no longer be able to act on the basis of the principle of defence.

“Most of the fighting in the Donbass takes place in urban areas or near enemy strongholds.

“In many parts of the line of contact, the Ukrainian army de facto turned the line of defence into an impregnable fortress.

“And now the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be able to open this 'tin can' thanks to the 'Borodach' rocket-propelled flamethrower.”

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According to Top War, the flamethrower has actually been in service for a few years, but was only officially unveiled to the public last year.

The munitions used in the beast are thermobaric, and it is thought that Russia has been looking to flog the weapon on the international market.

But for now, it is being used against Ukraine.

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An expert from Top War said: “The Rostec State Corporation has begun to promote the MPO-A small-sized jet flamethrower on the international market.

“Which countries and how soon they wish to purchase such a product is not yet known.

“However, messages about the receipt of an order or even about the beginning of deliveries can arrive at any time.

“In addition, our army has already received the Bearded Men it needs, which is more important than any sales abroad.”

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