Russian soldier ‘sick of being high’ after finding weed farm in Ukraine

A Russian solider said he "is sick of smoking" after finding a cannabis farm while on duty in Ukraine.

The troop couldn't believe his luck when he stumbled upon the weed operation while on patrol in an unknown location in the besieged country.

He was so giddy with excitement that he phoned up a woman and tells her he rolled his sleeves up and got stuck into the stash, but may have overdone it.

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"What are you, bombing Ukraine?" the unidentified woman, possibly a partner, sarcastically asks the man in a phonecall shared to social media by War Translated.

"Bombing everything," he jests, before telling the woman: "We found a cannabis field, there are tons of buds. I'm already sick of smoking."

He then reveals the laid back vibe of the trenches, saying that he and his comrades like to "go on walks and drink beer."

The soldier, who reveals he is part of the second line of defence, says "yeah" when the woman asks if he is "smashing everyone."

Asked when he will return, he says: "Looks like never, when the war ends."

The woman expressed dismay, pointing out that contract soldiers would be allowed home for a week before returning to battle.

"Maybe in December," he says.

People responding to the video said he sounded like he had "high morale," and sounded "wasted."

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And that is not outside the realms of possibility, as many Russian conscripts have been accused of being drunk on the job.

In one of dozens of reports of Putin's men being drunk, a group of boozed up Russian conscripts sent to fight on the front lines in Ukraine smashed up the bus that was taking them to a military unit.

They left the vehicle stranded in a field as onlookers stared in disbelief.

In a video posted to the pro-Ukraine social media site Telegram, a large bus was seen sitting stationary in a field with a hole smashed through its front window as dumbfounded onlookers watched on, unsure of what to do.

A police vehicle had also arrived on the scene and it seemed the incident was being investigated.

The clip was captioned: "Drunk Russian mobs smashed the bus on which they were going to the military unit" along with a smiling emoji.


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