Russia threatens to unleash nukes on UK and US over ‘out of control’ nuclear plant

Russia turning 'irrational' with nuclear plant threat

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According to reports, Ukraine has accused Russian forces of deliberately shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and of having a “suicidal” plan to blow it up with mines. Russia has also reportedly launched artillery and missile strikes from the plant, using it as a “nuclear shield” as Ukraine are unlikely to retaliate due to the risk of a ­Chernobyl-style disaster.

Last night Moscow’s largest state-controlled TV channel gave air time to Yury Kot, the leader of Parus, a pro-Kremlin movement in Ukraine.

Mr Kot claimed it is Kyiv and the West jeopardising nuclear safety – and urged Putin to be prepared to fire nukes at London and Washington.

“We all understand very well that [Ukraine and the West] are concocting a fictional reality,” he said on Channel One.

He continued: “We are dealing with the reality.

“We need to tell Ukraine and its supporting countries – Britain and America foremost…and make it clear.

“If Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is damaged and a disaster occurs, two missiles will immediately strike your decision-making centres.

“One in Washington, the other in London.

“Nuclear ones. And that’s it….there won’t be any more talk.”

But he was slapped down by another talk show pundit Aleksey Mukhin, head of Centre for Political Information, who said: “This would trigger the mutual destruction protocol, so I would honestly refrain from making such statements.”

The UN’s atomic watchdog warned the plant – with six reactors – is “out of control” and said Russia had “violated every safety principle” since seizing it in March.

There are fears Vladimir Putin will use a disaster at the site as a pretext to deepen the conflict.

Russia denies the charges and claims it is Ukraine risking nuclear catastrophe by shelling the plant.

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Putin previously noted that there would be no winners in nuclear war and insisted that he does not intend to begin such a conflict.

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