Russia state TV ridiculed after Bonnie & Clyde pic used to pay tribute to Russian couples

Russia: Bonnie and Clyde photo shown at Victory Day concert

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Russia’s Channel One aired the traditional concert that closes Victory Day celebrations and a picture of the American iconic couple Bonnie and Clyde is seen appearing among the images of Soviet couples used by Russian TV to pay tribute to Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany. The picture unexpectedly appeared on the screen in the background of the stage, but nobody can be seen reacting, either on stage or among the audience. 

During the performance of the song “If there was no war” about the bitter loss of a woman who could not find her love because of WW2, a picture of the iconic couple of robbers Bonnie and Clyde can be seen sliding on the screen erected in the background.

The screen, in fact, was used to show a series a Soviet couples who lived during WW2 while in the middle of the traditional concert that closes Victory Day Celebrations.

The picture appeared in the moment costume-wearing actors were waving red Soviet flags and showing the audience a series of old black-and-while pictures of smiling Russian couples.

In the clips from the concert, broadcasted live on Russia national TV, nobody among the audience or on the stage is seen reacting to the unexpected picture appearing on the screen.

Despite the scene from the concert not being viral online, Russia media have not yet provided any comments in relation to the happening.

The apparent incident, however, was noticed by Ukrainian media which, straight after the happening, reported about it on Ukraine Today.

The couple Bonnie and Clyde never took part in the fight against Nazi Germany and had died even before WW2 started.

The happening has been therefore regarded as a mistake from Russia state TV or rather as a symbolic event in protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite reasons behind the scene remain unknown. 

The video was posted on Twitter by The Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis who, together with video, wrote the caption: “Russian state TV aired a big Victory Day concert on Channel One, showing pictures of nice Soviet couples during this song… including Bonnie and Clyde.”

The concert followed Victory Day parade day which took place yesterday on Moscow’s Red Sqaure and which was used by Putin to address his nation. 

In his speech, Putin claimed that intervention in Ukraine had been necessary as “the west was preparing for the invasion of [Russia], including Crimea”.

He also added: “Moscow’s special operation in Ukraine would achieve its results, and all plans are being fulfilled”.


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The channel on which the incident took place was the same used by Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova to send a message of protest following Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine.

In the protest on Russia’s Channel One, Ms Ovsyannikova was seen appearing in the background of a news programme while showing an anti-war placard saying “No War!”.

Following her decision to protest on national TV, Ms Ovsyannikova said: “I spent two days without sleep. I was questioned for more than 14 hours. They didn’t allow me to reach my family or give me any legal aid. I was in a fairly difficult position”.

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