Russia held off in key area despite ‘frequent assault’, says UK intel

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Putin’s tactics are failing to make gains in a key region of Ukraine despite his army’s frequent assaults and his resorts to costly tactics. Since its initial advances at the start of the war 10 months ago, Russia has made few major gains, often pummeling Ukraine’s infrastructure instead and leaving millions without electricity, heating and hot water amid winter conditions.

According to British Intelligence, “little territory has changed” despite Russian assaults.

In an update on Tuesday, they said: “Over the last 48 hours, fighting has remained focused around the Bakhmut sector of Donetsk Oblast, and near Svatove in Luhansk. Russia continues to initiate frequent small-scale assaults in these areas, although little territory has changed hands.

“To the north, elements of Russia’s 1st Guards Tank Army were probably amongst the Russian forces recently deployed to Belarus. This formation was likely conducting training before its deployment and is unlikely to have the support units needed to make it combat-ready.”


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