Royal fans surprised to see Queen’s giant staff member ‘Tall Paul’ in procession

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Eagle-eyed royal fans were shocked to see Queen's extremely tall member of staff at her funeral – who even earned the nickname "Tall Paul".

Paul Whybrew, one of Her Majesty's closest aides, stands at a whopping 6ft 4in, and would have towered above the late monarch – whose stature was comparatively tiny at 5ft 3in.

Those watching the funeral procession became emotional to see the lanky aide, with one saying: "Tall Paul who was paige to the Queen gives me a lot of emotions right now!"

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Another added: "It was wonderful to see Paul Whybrew (Tall Paul) marching to honour our late Queen. He has served Her Majesty for decades. Thank you to Paul Whybrew for looking after our late Beloved Queen."

Meanwhile a third chimed in: "Tall Paul… keeper of the Queen's secrets: For 44 years, he was the 6ft 4in man at her side. This week he was given pride of place in front of her coffin."

The aide was one of the Queen's closest allies and regularly watched sports on TV with the Queen at her home in Balmoral.

According to former royal butler Grant Harrold, Whybrew was one of "the most powerful" royal aides because the Queen highly valued his relationship.

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Her Majesty even personally paid for Tall Paul's flat in Windsor to be renovated after she asked him to move closer to her.

He accompanied the late monarch's coffin as the Queen left Buckingham Palace for the final time last week, while the King and other members of the Royal Family walked behind her casket as she prepared to lie in state.

He also famously accompanied Her Majesty in a skit for the 2012 Olympic Games also featuring James Bond star Daniel Craig.

But Whybrew wasn't even the tallest person in the procession following Her Majesty's funeral – fans watching at home were shocked to see a "royal Slender Man" also in attendance.

It is thought the man, who repeatedly featured in coverage of Her Majesty's funeral, is Matthew Magee, a former assistant private secretary to the late Queen who towered over other attendees at a whopping 7ft 2in – a staggering ten inches taller than Tall Paul.

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