Rottweiler fights sex-mad 6ft kangaroo and survives it trying to drown him

A hero dog managed to save its elderly owner after a vicious attack from a horny kangaroo.

Pam Baldwin, 71, was kicked in the stomach and suffered a slash to the arm before her Rottweiler named Bundy stepped in.

Her loyal companion chased the kangaroo away from her before being attacked itself.

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Pam, who was walking the pooch at Nail Can Hill in Albury, Western Australia, at the time said the roo tried to drown Bundy in a nearby dam.

But brave Bundy managed to fight the kangaroo for 45 minutes until help arrived, with paramedics saving the pair after Pam alerted nearby walkers.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell's 3AW radio show, Pam explained how she was attacked from behind by the beast.

She said: "I just got this feeling someone was behind me and I turned around and went 'oh…' and he [the kangaroo] was just looking me in the face, and next minute he went bang.

"I gave him a few choice words and then I hit the ground.

"I don’t know if I blacked out or he knocked me out but I remember Bundy coming and jumping over the top of me and chasing the kangaroo away.

"He was protecting me. He chased it away.

"Bundy fought the kangaroo for about 45 minutes. He wouldn't let the kangaroo come near me."

Witnesses said the kangaroo stood at least six feet (1.8m) tall.

Pam was left knocked to the ground and required stitches in her left arm. She was told Bundy was just 20 seconds from death when they were saved.

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She said the aggressive encounter may have been due to kangaroo mating season, but it wasn't the first time she had encountered a furious roo.

She added: "I had an encounter with another roo a couple of times last year and he used to hide in the grass and you'd be walking along and the bloody thing would jump up at you."


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