Rangers-mad OnlyFans star Lana Wolf teases fans with ‘Scottish Disney’ follow-up

Rangers-mad model Lana Wolf has teased fans with a follow-up to her hilarious "Scottish Disney" sketch.

Her latest bit of Instagram content saw the OnlyFans star and actor Stuart Hay perform a mock-up of a Harry Styles gig at Ibrox Stadium, with Hay portraying a Celtic fan not best pleased at being seated in the rival stadium.

The sketch was dubbed "Scottish Disney" by fans of Wolf, who has now teased a follow-up to the hit sketch.

On her Instagram account, Wolf posed the question to her 26,000 followers as to whether or not her and Hay should offer up another bit of sketch comedy.

Her Instagram story showed a still of her and Hay, with a "Yes or No" poll for fans to interact with, posing the question: "Should we do another one?"

Support for a follow-up to the cracking Instagram short sketch has had fans and Instagram story viewers in favour of a second sketch.

Currently, 61% of the votes tallied are for "Yes" while the "No" votes have split a few away, with 39% saying there should be no sequel to the "Scottish Disney" sketch.

The first sketch was warmly received by fans on Instagram, with one commenting: "This did make me smile."

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A potential follow-up to the OnlyFans model's sketch may depend on the outcome of the Instagram poll.

The first sketch, with Wolf and Hay side-by-side at Ibroxm shows a comical back-and-forth between the Rangers-mad star and her disgruntled Hoops fan boyfriend.

The sketch was originally posted to TikTok but was shared to Instagram after its success on the viral social media app.

A good few gags in the video show the disgruntled Celtic fan not best pleased about being at the Harry Styles gig, but Wolf is keen to point out that "It's a bloody Harry Styles concert, there's no Rangers fans here."

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The defiant Hoops fan is played up well by Hay, who says he can't even buy a pint from the bar because there's "A picture of The Queen" above it.

The sketch ends with Wolf pulling open her jacket to reveal a hand-written message on a white t-shirt, saying "Harry loves the Rangers" while she shouts "Rangers loves you too Harry! Wooo" at the stage.

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