Race to replace Putin ‘has begun’ as Wagner boss battles Vlad allies for top job

Russia's war-mad President Vladimir Putin's job is under threat, and the race to replace him has begun with the leader of the feared Wagner group eager to take charge.

According to a top Russian war analyst, the battle to succeed Putin has already started, despite the failing leader giving no hints that he will be leaving any time soon.

Despite this, Igor Strelkov has claimed that several people are already vying the position – including Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is the head of the mercenary group know as Wagner.

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He said: “'The grouping of Yevgeny Prigozhin stands against grouping which includes Russia's defence minister Sergei Shoigu.

“They have already started the fight – they are not fighting over the number of shells…

“Now we are speaking about what comes after Putin. Will it happen in one year or two? We don't know.

“But factually the fight for the political Olympus has begun between the groupings that surround Putin to the extent that even we can notice it…

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“Prigozhin wants to become a political actor and he is clearly pumping up his authority, including in public."

Strelkov has warned that Prigozhin is not so much a President-in-waiting, more of a “war commander” who wants to be a public and political figure.

An internal battle between him and Putin ally Shiogu is “already underway,” he claimed.

“The power crisis will deepen the military crisis,” he explained.

“And it'll keep going down the spiral, unless urgent measures are taken.

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“This involves a cull of top commanders and mass mobilisation.

“There will be a second wave of mobilisation, and they will be forced to have it, a second and then perhaps a third wave.

“To win in Ukraine we would need about half a million more soldiers.”

Russia has already lost 100k soldiers on the front line, with 300k suffering life-changing injuries rendering them unable to fight for Russia.

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