Putin’s ‘victory parade’ faces humiliation after Russians suffer massive losses

Vladimir Putin looks set to scale down his "victory over Ukraine parade" by a third after suffering humiliating losses, new figures show.

The Russian President is set to be a sorry sight as he rolls out his massively depleted military on Monday (May 9) following brutal defeats in Ukraine.

Every year the parade is held to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany during World War Two and has traditionally been used by Russian leaders to show off the country's military might.

But the show this year is set to be a much more demure affair, with forces expected to be cut by around 35%.

In an attempt to save face, the Russian army will be forced to use worn down equipment from the 1960s, in a massive blow to the tyrant, who expected to declare some form of victory over Ukraine on May 9.

Putin's "special military operation" in Ukraine has been far from a success – and Russian military have faced strong resistance from Ukrainian fighters, leaving soldiers no choice but to retreat and refocus operations in the eastern Donbas region.

The annual parade is likely to be a serious humiliation for the Russian President as the number of Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicles participating in the event has been cut by 50%.

Only 25 Russian ground combat systems will be represented by the 131 vehicles in the parade, reports Forbes – a stark drop from the 198 combat vehicles from 35 separate systems featured in last year's parade.

According to the latest figures, at least 600 Russian tanks have been lost throughout the course of the invasion.

The presence of helicopters will also see a dip – from 23 in 2021 to a mere 15 this year. Displays of artillery and rocket launch systems have all but been removed from the parade entirely.

A self propelled howitzer and an "updated" 122mm Grad multiple rocket launcher will be featured instead – a battlefield system introduced in the 1960s.

The cutbacks will be a grim reminder for Putin that his invasion of Ukraine has not gone entirely to plan.

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