Putin’s mighty Victory Day parade demonstrated only Russia’s ‘shrunken power’

Putin ‘knows he’s losing’ in Ukraine says Andrew Bolt

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The annual parade honours the allied defeat of the Nazis in the Second World War is used by Russia to display its military might and to insight intimidation and fear into both Russians and the rest of the world. UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace made a speech at the National Army Museum on Monday about the invasion of Ukraine.

He stated: “What President Putin wants is the Russian people, and the world, to be awed and intimidated by that ongoing memorial to militarism.”

He added: “Through their invasion of Ukraine, Putin, his inner circle and generals are now mirroring the fascism and tyranny of 77 years ago, repeating the errors of last century’s totalitarian regimes.

“They are showing the same disregard for human life, national sovereignty, and the rules-based international system.”

The event on Monday consisted of a severely reduced display of both equipment and troops and lacked the 77 strong fly-past due to bad weather – even though Moscow had clear skies.

The scaled-back parade featured 1,000 less people with only 11,000 taking part this year, due to losses in Ukraine only 131 military vehicles were displayed compared to 234 in 2020.

Danish military analyst Oliver Alexander told the Telegraph: “A lot of the stuff that is missing is stuff that is actually in Ukraine, including various multiple launch rocket systems and also Rosgvardia armoured vehicles, which have been used extensively there and suffered heavy losses.”

The audience were able to catch a glimpse of the T-14 tank which was advertised as “new” equipment despite being introduced in the parade in 2015 and is yet to enter mass production due to its expense.

Mr Wallace stated that the actions of the Russian forces throughout the Ukrainian conflict was a “disgraceful display of self-preservation, doubling down on failure, anger, dishonesty and scapegoating”.

He added: “The truth is that Russia’s General Staff are failing and they know it.

“It was thought the Russian President would declare all-out war on Ukraine, but instead he announced to Russian troops and civilians that the invasion was inevitable as the West was “preparing for the invasion of our land, including Crimea.

“That is absolutely unacceptable to us.”

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The Defence Secretary concluded: “Let me read the charge sheet that perhaps should be laid at the feet of the General Staff of the Russian Army: Bad battle preparation, poor operational planning, inadequate equipment, and support and most importantly corruption and the moral component.

“The result is that whilst Russia have large amounts of artillery and armour that they like parading, they are unable to leverage them for combined arms manoeuvre and just resort to mass indiscriminate barrages.”

Mark MacKinnon, the senior international correspondent for The Globe tweeted about the parade: “With fewer soldiers and tanks – and a cancelled air force display – Russia’s Victory Day parade inadvertently shows off country’s shrunken power.”

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