Putin tipped to use ‘tactical nuclear weapons’ amid growing pressure

Putin may use 'tactical nuclear weapons' says Rupert Jones

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Major General Rupert Jones explained that Vladimir Putin is now coming under more pressure to win the war in Ukraine. The British military General outlined two strategies the Russian leader could adopt in a bid to ease the mounting pressure he has been facing since Ukraine launched its counter-offensive in August. He noted that while the use of tactical nuclear weapons is minimal, it could not be ruled out.

Major General Jones told Times Radio: “Putin as he is under greater and greater pressure has got to do something.

“And the things he has done so far have not worked, he demonstrated he couldn’t big manoeuvre warfare.

“He’s tried to use a lot of firepower, and that hasn’t worked so what does he do? What does he do next?

“A general mobilisation probably isn’t effective, because you can’t train and equip the forces he needs, so his options are relatively limited.

“One option is to just double down on using conventional firepower and that is something to fear, certainly.

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He added: “The alternative as you suggest is to use tactical nuclear weapons.

“For my money that is a relatively unlikely option but I certainly wouldn’t discount it, why relatively unlikely, I don’t know where it takes him.

“I’m not sure what it adds up to, and he’s no fool for all the things he’s done, he’s no fool, he knows the implications of using tactical nuclear weapons.

“It is a massive threshold to cross, the Ukrainians have surprised us time and again with their resilience, with their courage with their fighting prowess.”

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Ukrainian troops capture Russian weapons

Due to Ukraine’s recent victories in retaking land in Ukraine which was occupied by Russian forces, many military experts have been warning of retaliation from Putin.

Reports have been claiming that up to 6,000sp km has been taken back.

And there have also been reports of Russian soldiers absconding from battle.

Rose Gottemoeller, a former United States Under Secretary of State has been warning of a possible nuclear attack from Russia.


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Ms Gottemoeller told the BBC: “I fear they might strike back now in really unpredictable ways and ways that may even involve weapons of mass destruction.”

“Yes. I want to stress that I don’t believe the Russians will implicate their central strategic systems, their intercontinental ballistic missiles, or submarine-launched missiles that would strike at the United States.

“But we’ve been concerned from the outset of this crisis with Putin rattling the nuclear sabre, that he might put in play a nuclear demonstration strike, either a single strike over the Black Sea or perhaps a strike at a Ukrainian military facility in order to strike terror not only into the hearts of the Ukrainians but also the global partners and allies of Ukraine, who have been supporting Ukraine.

She added: “The goal would be to try to get the Ukrainians, in their terror, to capitulate. I do worry about that kind of scenario at the moment and I think the Ukrainians seem well-prepared to stay the course, but we will all have to be ready to stay the course come what may.”

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