Putin tells Russia’s young people he believes in Santa like ‘all decent people’

Russia's hardman president Vladimir Putin has admitted that he believes in Santa just like "all normal, decent people" do.

In a video in which the Kremlin leader visited a youth conference in Moscow, Putin is asked whether he believed in Father Frost, the Russian equivalent of Father Christmas.

Standing next to a Christmas tree, he said: "Of course I do. All normal, decent people believe in Father Frost."

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The appearance at a children's charity event is ironic given estimates state 450 children have died as a result of his aggression in Ukraine.

Putin has even been portrayed as Santa in an anti-Western propaganda video released on the country's social media.

The film depicts “Santa Putin” swapping a photograph of a child's same-sex parents for one of a mother and father.

He also gives a football, toy cars and a drum kit to the boy being raised as a girl, reportedly in an attempt to frame the conflict as a clash of values between Russia and Ukraine's Western allies.

The clip shows a boy in the West writing and drawing a picture for Santa, wishing for traditional male toys as well as a mother and father, the Express reported.

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But Vladimir Putin’s Pacific Fleet troops in the town of Fokino are living in fear of two Amur tigers, not diversity, after the big cats laid siege to the remote town.

Dogs belonging to residents as well as sheep have been killed and devoured in the town, which is closed to outsiders and serves as a base for warships and nuclear submarines.

Alexander Baranov, the head of the administration in the naval town, urged locals to keep their pets locked indoors during the emergency.

“Hunting control specialists are working around [the main streets],” he said.

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