Putin sends NUCLEAR BOMBERS over Belarus – war fears erupt on EU’s doorstep

Poland: Child refugees forced back over the border

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The two supersonic Tu-22M3 bombers, which according to the Russian defence ministry were sent in support of the Belarus leader, reportedly flew over Belarus to perform “tasks of combat alert for air defence”. Earlier this week, German president Angel Merkel reached out to Mr Putin, asking him to press Belarus to stop the flow of refugees, calling it inhumane and unacceptable.

Footage recently emerged showing Belarusian soldiers firing shots at refugees, including women and children, reportedly as part of an attempt to intimidate them.

This comes after Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko is thought to have sent more than a thousand refugees to the Polish border, as part of an attack on EU nations.

Images emerged showing a long line of migrants being led towards the border by what appeared to be Belarusian forces.

This was reportedly in response to sanctions imposed by the EU, the US and Britain on Belarus after the country embarked on a violent political crackdown last year.

Mr Lukashenko has since been accused of using the refugees as pawns in his battle with the nations.


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