Putin poses for propaganda watching nuke test ‘in preparation for enemy attack’

Vladimir Putin has marked his latest threat by posing for state propaganda as he watched a nuke test.

The Russian tyrant is pictured looking over his military as they carried out nuclear exercises in frightening new images.

The defence ministry in Moscow claimed that the drills were being conducted in preparation for an attack against the country.

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The GROM exercises involve live missiles and strategic assets being deployed, reports Mirror.

The drills, known as GROM exercises, involve the launching of live missiles and the deployment of strategic assets.

State media reported that Russia had successfully test fired its RS-24 Yars and R-29RMU Sineva ICBMs at the Kura training ground in Kamchatka.

A Kremlin statement confirmed that ground, sea and air strategic deterrence forces were trained under the Russian leader's watchful eye.

"The tasks envisaged during the training of the strategic deterrence forces have been completed in full, all missiles have reached their targets, confirming the specified characteristics," the statement reads.

The Pentagon said the exercises, which take place every year, are routine and that the US is watching them closely.

Pentagon spokesman Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters: “Russia is complying with its arms control obligations and its transparency commitments to make these notifications."

Last week, experts said Putin had accepted the "harsh truth" about the consequences of a nuclear strike on Ukraine and backed down fearing he'd be "punished" by Kyiv's Western partners.

It comes as rumours from inside the Kremlin claim the Russian tyrant attempted to deploy a nuke but the launch was sabotaged or scuppered by "technical failures".

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Russian political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky believes the despot may have backed down after considering the likely repercussions.

He said Putin heard messages from the West that warned any nuclear incursions would be severely punished.

His comments came while speaking on the YouTube channel of Russian opposition politician and lawyer Mark Feygin, who represented Pussy Riot – the anti-Putin feminist music group.

Nuclear fears are high due to a series of NOTAM (notice to air missions) and Russian navigation warnings being reported over recent weeks.

These indicated that the Kremlin was in the process of carrying out tests or live firing drills.

Former CIA and DIA intelligence analyst Rebecca Koffler says Putin's decision to declare martial law in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine suggest he's preparing for nuclear armageddon.

Analysts say the most-likely scene of a potential nuclear test would be in the Black Sea, Fox News reported.

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The Russian-born intelligence officer, who also penned "Putin's playbook", told Fox: “This is his strategic message to President Zelensky that he is ready to arrange a massacre, and we can only pray for the people of Ukraine.

"He annexed these territories in order to prepare a doctrinal justification for a nuclear strike. Since, Russian military doctrine provides for the use of nuclear weapons only for purposes protection of Russian territory.

"Russia now considers the four territories mentioned and Crimea as Russian, even if the rest of the world does not agree with this."

There are also claims Putin has already pushed the button and ordered two nuclear missile tests – but they did not take place.

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