Putin ‘orders 21 mobile crematoriums’ as Russian death toll set to top 220,000

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    Vladimir Putin has ordered 21 mobile crematoriums from China with Russia's death toll soon set to reach more than 220,000.

    Putin intends to issue the crematoriums alongside troops in a bid to cover Russia's war losses from the public, claims a report.

    The mobile crematoriums are allegedly being used to dispose of the corpses of mobilised troops killed in the war.

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    Telegram channel General SVR warns the Kremlin is ready for its toll of “irretrievable losses” in the war to rise to 220,000 by May 1.

    A video shows Russian-made mobile crematoriums of the kind already reportedly deployed by the army.

    “Twenty-one mobile crematoriums have been ordered by the Russian leadership in China,” said the channel.

    “Putin has been informed that the order is ready and will be delivered to Russia via third countries in the near future.”

    The station also claimed that Putin "is not embarrassed by the colossal losses” – but the scale is “disturbing” to ordinary people.

    “As a result, according to the president, the losses must be ‘smeared over time’, and the crematoriums have been ordered for this,” it went on.

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    Putin is long accused of using ill-equipped and badly-trained draftees, often recruited from impoverished Russian regions as “cannon fodder” positioned on the frontline to avoid significant losses among his regular army.

    A source said this “very accurately reflects the number of prisoners' losses – a little more than 10 per cent survive”.

    Pictures emerged of one of numerous graveyards where these dead fighters have been buried.

    Estimates on current Russian war losses vary significantly with the highest suggesting an overall toll of 145,000 among regular troops and private military companies, as well as national guards and the security services.

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