Putin ‘needs to be removed’ Polish PM in stark warning to EU ‘always will be under threat’

Polish PM says Putin needs to be 'removed' from office

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In a message to the European Union and the world, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has warned that if Russia’s President Vladimir Putin remains in power, threats and blackmail will persist beyond the Ukraine-Russia war. Putin almost pulled off tearing the EU’s unity apart over energy as the EU’s 27 leaders held talks until midnight to ban Russian oil imports in a bid to further deplete Russia’s revenue and deal a blow to Putin’s war machine. But Hungary showed resistance, as its leader Viktor Orban refused to compromise over recession concerns. Prime Minister Morawiecki warns his European counterparts that Putin’s attempts to blackmail will continue if he remains in power.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Morawiecki said: “If Europe and the free world lose this battle, loses this war, we are not going to be safe any longer.

“Because we will always be under threat and blackmail from Putin.

“We would like him to be totally removed, of course.

“But he represents a brutal power. He thinks Russia is a superpower.”

Mr Morawiecki continued: “And if at the end of the day, Ukraine survives as a sovereign state, which is our sole objective and this is why we are supporting Ukraine through all sorts of different means, then this is our victory.

“Poland is, you know, one of the most radical proponents of crushing sanctions.

“The quicker, the better. The more, the harsher, the better.

“And this is our stance from the very beginning.”

“We are not doing this because it’s no longer our moral duty but it’s also the war to actually, you know, defeat the empire of evil, to defeat the empire of lies – Russia”, Mr Morawiecki said.

“And we have to be as united and as strong as it gets.”

About the risk of the conflict spreading outside of Ukraine, Mr Morawiecki said: “We do have fears about Putin attacking Moldova.

“I don’t think he would attack any NATO country.

“This is why probably also our Scandinavian neighbours want to join NATO as quickly as possible.

“And we do everything possible to support them in this way.”

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Sky News presenter then asked: “if you were to give a direct message to President Putin, what would it be?”

“Stop this war”, Mr Morawiecky answered.

“Russia has to stop this war immediately because it’s so cruel.

“It’s so barbarian that it’s very difficult to imagine.”

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