Putin bribes ‘friendly nations’ with use of 24-hour ‘floating nuclear energy’

Brits try to be more energy efficient

Russia will supply floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) technology to enable around-the-clock supply of electricity to remote areas of allied countries, the Kremlin-linked energy company announced.

The technology can deliver 194.1 (million KWh) of power over its useful life in its most up-to-date versions.

The FNPP, the new generation power source produced on the basis of Russian nuclear icebreaker construction in 2020, was capable of providing 127.3 (million KWh) of electric power.

In 2022, Russia increased power to 194.1 million KWh.

It is about 100 MWe of power and it is a real SMR, small modular reactor, which has the specific characteristic of being currently installed on a floating support.

Energy has reduced the carbon footprint in arctic areas and waste is being disposed of according to regulations.

“Rosatom is ready to share technology with friendly nations that will contribute to the development and growth of remote areas and reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels,” Cherniy Viktor, acting chief engineer of the Floating Nuclear Power Plant, told ANI.

Produced by Rosatom in Pevek, the northernmost city of Russia, the floating power unit is “Akademik Lomonosov”.

It was named after the Russian scientist and is located in an arctic port city in the Chukotka region.

The city houses a population of 5,000 and has a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius. Russia has installed the floating nuclear power plant in the freezing Siberian region, noted the agency that visited the site.

Russia underlined the benefits offered by the region. The plant supplies power to industrial enterprises, ports and remote mining sites, a Russian source told ANI.

The FNPP is capable of providing 24-hour electricity and has generated and supplied long-hour power in residential areas and for commercial purposes.

“It is a reliable energy supply. The FNPP is completely designed and made in Russia. It’s safe for the environment. We have strict procedures for the disposal of nuclear waste. The whole plant is resistant to tsunamis and earthquakes,” Andrey Zaslavskiy, deputy general manager of JSC REA and acting director of the subsidiary Floating Nuclear Power Plant, told the agency.

The Akademik Lomonosov is actually the only example of SMR built and running alongside the Chinese HTR-PM, while the very numerous Western projects are, as the word itself suggests, at the project or prototype level.

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