Putin ally forced into humiliating admission as he says Ukraine has ‘best trained’ army

Putin senator forced into humiliating admission

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Talking on Russia’s state TV, Russian senator Frants Klintsevich admitted Ukraine war “is proceeding with some difficulty” for Russia but claimed this is happening because Ukraine’s army “is one of the strongest” as it includes “soldiers with exactly the same mentality as the Russians” “This is different from the war we had in Afghanistan and in the Caucasus”, he claimed with the intent to justify Russia’s slow progress in the war. 

Mr Klintsevich started: “The special military operation being conducted by Russia is proceeding, well let’s say, with some difficulty.

“I don’t want to offend anyone.

“Under no circumstances.

“I spent over seven years fighting in a war.

“But this war, I hope my fellow soldiers aren’t offended, is different from the war we had in Afghanistan and in the Caucasus.

The TV presenter commented supporting the claims: “Of course! Of course!”

Mr Klintsevich continued: “Because we’re fighting one of the strongest and best-trained armies.

“We’re fighting against Russian soldiers and officers.

“With exactly the same mentality as ours.

The video went live on Russian state-controlled TV and was posted on Twitter by the BBC journalist Francis Scarr.

In the caption, Mr Scarr commented: “Russian senator Frants Klintsevich has an ingenious new excuse for his country’s slow progress in Ukraine.

“He says Ukraine’s army is ‘one of the strongest and best-trained because it’s comprised of ‘Russian soldiers and officers with exactly our mentality”.

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Speaking at a meeting with NATO Foreign Ministers, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg also commented on Russia’s progress in Ukraine and said “Russia’s war in Ukraine is not going as Moscow had planned.

“They failed to take Kyiv, they are pulling back from around Kharkiv, their major offensive in Donbas has stalled.

“Russia is not achieving its strategic objectives”.

According to an assessment from the UK Ministry of Defence, Russian forces have so far lost over “one-third of its ground combat force”.

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