Putin admits Russia is struggling under ‘constant pressure of endless sanctions’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally admitted that sanctions imposed on his nation since invading Ukraine nearly one year ago has put his country under “serious pressure”.

When Putin first ordered his troops to try and “de-Nazify” Ukraine last year, pretty much every Western country, and its allies, has imposed some kind of financial sanctions on Russia – with the vast majority of major companies pulling out.

As a result, the Russian economy has been on the brink of collapse, while stories of the Russian population struggling to survive and cope with it have been running rampant.

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And it now seems that Putin is well aware of it – and has admitted for the first time ever that his country is struggling.

According to Russian news agency TASS, the despotic leader said on Tuesday( February 14) at a meeting of judges of arbitration, military, and common jurisdiction courts: “We are living under the constant pressure from abroad – I mean all these endless sanctions.

“As we all see, we are passing through all these sanctions with a cool head.

“(The sanctions and response from the West) can only be the expansion of the sphere of freedom and protection from the side of law enforcement authorities on the whole and the judicial system in particular.”

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As of yesterday, the Russian MOEX Index stock market was down more than 1,000 points compared to where it was exactly one year ago.

Before the invasion, it was at 3,511 points, but it now sits at 2,198 points.

The all-time low came in November when it dropped to a shocking 1,916.5.

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Protests have taken place in the country before, but were quickly stamped down by Putin's forces.

Locals raged mainly about companies such as Google, Apple, McDonalds, and more putting out of the country, leaving them craving their favourite brands – and Russian attempts to create knock-offs to fill the holes have reportedly failed at every turn.

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