Prop coffin sold on Facebook Marketplace spooks family as remains found within

A family that ordered a coffin from Facebook Marketplace for their Halloween party were left horrified when they discovered somebody's ashes in the casket.

Brooke Wozniak, from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, was given a genuine fright when she also found a dead person's belongings inside.

The white steel casket was a rental coffin, which are normally used for funeral services with the body placed within a wooden box inside that is then taken out for a burial.

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But this casket was found to contain an envelope which is believed contained the ashes, along with a photograph of the deceased, their death certificate, social security number and a hospital bracelet, according to Fox5 DC.

Brooke, who admitted "everyone was in shock", then posted a video on TikTok in the hope of tracking down the dead person's family.

It worked, with the deceased's granddaughter watching it and informing her mum Sabrina Jones, who confirmed that the personal items belonged to her mother Edith Crews Meriedy – a community pastor who had died in January from Covid at a time when restrictions meant the family could not be with her.

The personal belongings have since been returned to Sabrina, who said: "It doesn't ease the pain of her being gone, you know. She was my best friend.

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"I loved my mom dearly. I'm the only girl. I'm the one who took her to George Washington University (hospital) and left her there."

Sabrina went on to meet with Glenda Freeman, the owner of the funeral home that rented out the casket and carried out Edith's cremation.

She was assured that an investigation into the matter was now being carried out.

The Wozniaks also revealed that they found information on another deceased person that had been left inside the casket.


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