Prison officers told to stop giving cell keys to prisoners at ‘outrageous’ jail

A private memo sent to workers at a jail in the US warned prison officers not to give keys to the inmates, after a rise in "inappropriate behaviour".

Clayton County Jail in Jonesboro, Georgia came under fire when the memo was leaked to the press, with locals branding the practice at the facility "illegal".

Two workers have already been arrested and another could face charges. Sergion Williams was fired and faces charges, including taking money from inmates through a cash app and giving them food from the jail kitchen.

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He allegedly charged the pretrial detainees $32 for a deck of cards and other inmates say he took $500 from them for lighters, marijuana and black and mild cigars – but never provided them. 

And Security Specialist Montez Hawkins told an imnamte to face the wall while he inappropriately touched her cellmate, according to one prisoner. Hawkins, now fired, denies the charges. 

And another Clayton County corrections officer, Mary Moore, 21, ended up behind bars after she was accused of having sex with an inmate, after it was caught on camera. 

Reports stated that she engaged in sexual acts with a detainee in the control tower doorway inside a housing unit at the jail. 

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Officials said the sex acts were captured on CCTV and that Moore, who is out on $5,000 bond, confessed. She was charged with sexual assault by a law enforcement employee who engages in sexual contact with an individual.

Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia spoke with local residents about the alleged incidents at the jail.

“That’s inappropriate behavior. What they’re doing, it’s wrong. 100%,” Birdie Evans stated.

“That’s outrageous. What? What they got going on in the jail?,” Lawrence Scott said. 


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