Princess Beatrice could take royal role from Prince Harry after Charles crowned

Princess Beatrice could take on the duties of a senior member of the royal family after the Queen dies because she is older than the children of Prince William.

Andrew's eldest daughter, 33, has been eligible to become a key 'counsellor of state' since the age of 21, according to royal protocol.

At the time of her 21st birthday, she was fifth in line to the throne – meaning she would automatically become a counsellor of state.

In fact, those able to become counsellors by right of birth, age and their place in line to the throne aren't allowed to turn the role down.

Despite now being 10th in line to the throne, Beatrice will keep a central role in a royal family led by Charles because those who have overtaken her aren't yet 21.

They are, in descending order, Prince George (3rd), Princess Charlotte (4th), Prince Louis (5th), Archie (7th) and Lilibet (8th).

As Harry and his children are unlikely to ever play key roles within the royal family, Beatrice is automatically elevated to a senior position.

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That puts her in a similar position to Camilla Parker-Bowles, who is set to take on some of the Queen's duties.

The monarch is expected to undergo a "gear change", with fewer responsibilities and face-to-face obligations.

The Queen faces concern among royal fans due to her ailing health.

Her Majesty, 95, will miss this year's Remembrance Day events after doctors urged a two-week rest period.

That makes the role of counsellors of state more important than at any other point in the Queen's reign.

Due to her stubbornly good health, the Queen has only ever required the help of these senior substitutes when she has completed overseas visits.

Now that Charles and William represent the Queen abroad, counsellors of state are needed even less frequently.

But with the Queen's health now in question, Beatrice and Camilla could find themselves with responsibilities they never imagined.

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