Prince Harry’s ‘tacky and low class’ Instagram post branded ‘pure cringe’

Prince Harry has been slammed by Sussex Royal fans after he hinted at a Livin’ On A Prayer duet with Jon Bon Jovi.

The Duke of Sussex teased a duet with the American superstar in a promotional Instagram video for the Invictus Games.

The unexpected announcement was shared to the Sussex Royal page and features footage of a fake text exchange between Prince Harry and Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi begins the text exchange, which appears to be a promo for the Invictus Games, with: “Hey Harry, how’s it going?”

Harry – who is living in Canada with wife Meghan Markle- responds to the Livin’ On A Prayer star with a reference to the hit.

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He said: "Hey! I’m good! Just living’ on a prayer… What’s up?”

Bon Jovi then tells Harry he will be in London on the February 28 and has an idea for the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry asks the star if he and the band will be making an appearance before Jovi says no but he has a back up plan that he thinks "will work."

In a strange twist of events Prince Harry then offers himself up for the stage and says he’ll “give it a shot!”

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The exchange, which the Sussex Royal account has confirmed is fake, has been slammed by fans who have branded the advertisement as “cringey.”

One user said: “What is this?! How cringe!”

With a second blasting: “Ohhh how the mighty have fallen…”

And a third slamming: "Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any tackier or low class ……"

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Not everyone found the text chain tacky, with many seeing the funny side, and begging the Duke of Sussex to make the duet a reality.

One user said: "Make this a reality! Harry singing Livin’ On A Prayer, amazing!

While a second said: "Very curious about all your new adventures!"

With a third adding: "They don't stop working even with all the obstacles people try and put up!

"Well done on keeping momentum going… such a great cause gaining even more support from Bon Jovi!"

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