Prince Harry reveals favourite thing about Queen in lead up to her birthday

Prince Harry has revealed his favourite thing about his grandmother, the Queen ahead of her 96th birthday tomorrow (April 21).

The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex insisted that he still has a 'special relationship' with the monarch despite stepping down from his role in the Royal Family two years ago.

Speaking on the Today show's Hoda Kotb, which aired on NBC today (Wednesday, April 20) Harry spoke fondly of his grandmother and revealed what he loves about her the most.

When asked what his favourite thing about her is, he said: "Her sense of humour and her ability to see the humour in so many different things. We have a really special relationship.

"We talk about things that she can't talk about with anybody else, so that is always a nice peace to her. But I think she's… I think after a certain age you get bored of birthdays."

He added that he doesn't believe the Queen is bored of Jubilees, despite Her Majesty being the longest-reigning monarch in British history as he believes she is looking forward to it.

But despite his apparent closeness with his grandmother, Harry may not attend the Juibillee as Hoda asked: "Do you think you will come?"

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And the prince responded: "I don't know yet. There's lots of things with security issues and everything else. So, this is what I'm trying to do, trying to make it possible that I can get my kids to meet her."

But he expressed how much he has missed his family in the last few years since he moved to California, where he now lives with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children Lilibet and Archie.

"I think especially over the last two years, for most people, have they not missed their family? The ability to even get home and see them? Of course. That's — you know, that's a huge part of it," he said.

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However, Harry seemed to dodge a question aimed at him about Prince Charles and Prince William, leading to an awkward shift in topic from the Duke.

Kotb said: "But do you miss your brother? Your dad?"

To which Harry dodged the question, answering: "I mean for me, at the moment, all my focus is on these guys and these families. That's my focus here. When I leave here my focus will be my family, who I miss massively."

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