Prince Harry releasing Invictus doc sooner ‘may have changed career trajectory’

Prince Harry's new Netflix documentary Heart of Invictus should have been released earlier in order to “change the trajectory of his career,” a critic has claimed.

Out today, the limited series will document the journeys of veterans from around the world competing in Harry's Invictus Games.

Many thought it would be released at the same time as the 2023 edition of the games the Duke of Sussex founded – which starts on September 9 in Dusseldorf, Germany this year – but it was announced earlier this month it was dropping on the streaming platform from today (Wednesday, August 30).

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But, with most royal fans and critics alike getting their first Netflix taste of Prince Harry from the controversial six-part documentary series all about Harry and wife Meghan Markle in 2022, leading commentator Kinsey Schofield said that the new series should have dropped before that one – because it could have changed his career entirely.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she said: “I think Heart of Invictus should have been the first project out of the gate.

“A documentary about real heroes and their challenges and sacrifices.

“Had Harry seen the positive feedback from a project like this, perhaps he wouldn’t have engaged in what South Park coined the Sussexes’ world-wide privacy tour.

“People dislike Harry and Meghan because they seem so self-consumed, sitting in a lush backyard complaining to Oprah about titles and tiaras in the middle of a global plague.

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“I don’t resent Harry for releasing it now, but I do wonder if releasing it sooner would have changed the trajectory of his career.”

Netflix has labelled the new series as “inspiring”, and the trailer shows emotional moments and stories of competitors telling their personal stories of why they have chosen to compete in the games.

There also appears to be a heavy leaning in on the war in Ukraine from the side of Ukrainian soldiers and their journey to try to compete in the games despite serving on the front line.

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