Prince Harry, Meghan Markle reveal royal departure plans for Spring 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially announced their plans to transition out of the Royal Family.

In a lengthy statement released on their Sussex Royal website, the couple shared an update on the details discussed during the Royal Family’s meeting last month.

The transition, as previously announced, will begin in Spring 2020 and undergo a 12-month review.

In bullet points outlining the details, Prince Harry and Markle reiterate their interest in giving up their royal titles to remove the “public interest” justification for media intrusion into their lives.

They will become privately funded members of the family with permission to earn their own income and pursue private charitable interests.

Their statement confirms that they will retain their His and Her Royal Highness prefixes, but won’t actively be using the titles by the spring. It was previously believed that they would lose this title.

No details were released regarding the amount of security the duke and duchess would require, but it’s maintained that they will need protection wherever they go. Information on who will pay for this security wasn’t detailed.

Harry and Markle’s office at Buckingham Palace will be closed, given that the primary funding was from Prince Charles.

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