Prince Harry claims grief may have played a part in mistakes made in his memoir

Prince Harry claims that grieving over the death of his mother, Princess Diana, played a part in his wrongly recounted memories in his new book.

Many who have purchased the Duke of Sussex’s new memoir, Spare, have flagged that some of the stories don’t quite add up.

One story he writes is of his mother leaving him an Xbox for his birthday in 1997 just before she died.

However, Microsoft’s infamous console was not released until 2001.

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In another chapter, Harry said he recalls hearing the news of his great grandmother's death – the Queen Mother – in 2002 while he was at school.

But photo evidence shows that he was in Switzerland skiing with his father and brother at the time.

Harry is quick to admit these shortcomings in his book, saying that the failure to remember is most likely a “defence mechanism”, adding that his “memory was no longer recording things quite as it once did”.

He adds: "Landscape, geography, architecture, that's how my memory rolls. Dates? Sorry, I'll need to look them up.

“Dialogue? I'll try my best, but make no verbatim claims, especially when it comes to the nineties."

Other royals are also aware of Harry's fuzzy accounts.

After the Sussexes appeared on an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Buckingham palace responded, saying: "Although some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and addressed privately by the family."

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Laura Hankey, an expert in bereavement support, told Newsweek that grief impacts the memory by either remembering “everything very vividly”, or the opposite may occur, where you “experience a kind of mind blank”.

She added: "Often when a loved one dies – especially when it is an unexpected, traumatic death – we go into a state of shock.

“Our body is in fight or flight mode and hormones are flooding our systems."

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