Prince Harry ‘can’t have cake and eat it ‘ over privacy, royal expert warns

A royal expert has called Prince Harry a hypocrite, claiming that he can’t “have his Battenberg cake and eat it too”.

Writing for, Daniela Elser explains how Prince Harry has on one hand spoken about his own right to privacy, while on the other “trample[d] all over the royal family’s own privacy with seeming indifference.”

Harry has been using privacy as a key point of focus in much of his recent media push, featuring heavily in both interviews and the written word since his exodus to the USA.

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Daniela discussed the Prince’s claims about how various members of the royal family use PR teams to clamber over one another, “ in that quest to win the PR game”.

Elser discussed Harry’s claim that there is a “series of courts, all locked in an unsavoury, unseemly battle for good press” in a “climate where self-interest trumps family”.

She asked: “But how is that different from what we have seen from Harry and Meghan in recent years?”

Speaking to Tom Bradbury in an interview for ITV shortly before the release of Spare, Harry said: “My family have been briefing the press solidly for well over a decade. So, I’m sorry that me owning my story and being able to tell my own story is upsetting to some people.”

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Daniela then interjected: “But is it ‘owning your story’ if you then resort to the same self-serving approach that you have accused others of?”

In Daniela’s opinion, Harry has worked hard to make private matters known in the public space, losing examples about various members of the family to illustrate her point.

Using examples about King Charles' teddy, taste for handstands and Kate Middleton getting annoyed about Meghan asking to use her lipstick she claims that Harry has shown little respect for the private lives of other members of the family while demanding that his be protected.

Daniela said: “Harry can’t have his Battenberg cake and eat it too. He can’t perch atop the mount, preaching about the error of his family’s ways and their willingness to tattle about him and then engage in exactly the same sort of tit-for-tat revelations.”

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