Predator’s sickening excuse for luring 17-year-old girl to his home rape her

A convicted predator who lured women into his home and raped them had a twisted excuse for his actions against his youngest victim.

In 2016, Thomas Hofer was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in jail fo eight counts of sexual assault against two women, aged 14 and 17.

But in April last year, the former Sydney real estate agent was released on parole and has recently been interviewed for Nine’s A Current Affair, where he claimed to be innocent.

During the interview, reporter Hannah Sinclair noted that one of his victims was “was only 17”, prompting Hofer to offer a sickening response.

“And the age of consent is 16,” he replied.

When Sinclair noted that the women had been left “traumatised” with one even contemplating suicide, Hofer replied: "Well I attempted suicide in jail because I was unable to prove my innocence."

Hofer still claims that the victim's accounts of events were "not what happened" as he claims the incidents were "was completely 100 per cent consensual" despite spending more than six years in jail for his crimes and having an appeal thrown out of the High Court of Australia.

The oldest victim, an American tourist told the court that she met Hofer at a bar in Glebe after responding to his ad about a room to rent.

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Once there he kept buying her cocktails and would take glasses of water out of her hands when she tried to sober up so by the time he got her to the house she was so drunk she couldn't fight him off as he raped her, News AU reports.

She said: “I was trying to get him to stop, I was saying, ‘stop I want to go home I don’t want to have sex’, and I kept trying to repeat this.

“I was trying to use my arms to push him off but I didn’t have the strength.”

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After the attack ended, the woman caught a taxi back to her hostel and reported it to the police the next day but the following night he lured the 17-year-old back to his home using the same tactics.

The teenager told the court that she told Hofer she didn’t want to have sex with him, but he pinned her down to the bed and assaulted her.

The teen told police: “He f***ing raped me, he was supposed to show me the room and he didn’t even show me."

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