Powdered beer pioneer says Elon Must could drink it in space

This remarkable beer comes as a powder and you just add water

The inventor of a pioneering powdered beer believes his product is so revolutionary he’s invited Elon Musk to take it on a rocket and drink the first-ever beer in space. Stefan Fritsche, 56, managing director of the Neuzelle monastery brewery in Germany, has created the world’s first powdered beer which just needs water to turn it into a tipple.

Because the product is in powder form Mr Fritsche said it could revolutionise storage and transportation of beer around the world – potentially helping the environment too.

He said his remarkable invention could enable beer to boldly go where it had never been before. He said: “You could take this to very hot countries in African for example, you could take it to the North Pole and use it there.

“Elon Musk could take this powdered beer on the space shuttle and enjoy next time he is going up in the sky without any problems. In fact, I invite him to try with the astronauts on his next mission, it would be the first beer drunk in space.”

Express.co.uk have contacted SpaceX for comment on the invite.

The effects of combing microgravity experienced in space and alcohol have not been widely researched and usually alcoholic beverages are banned from space flights.

Carbonated drinks are also not suitable for spaceflight because they can cause astronauts to release food and liquid from their stomachs into their mouths in a phenomenon known as a ‘wet burp’.

However, a powdered beer with only water added would not be carbonated and so could pontentially be drunk in zero gravity.

Mr Fritsche said: “This is not chemicals or chemistry, we just use pure ingredients from the brewing process and nothing else.

“The taste, you will not recognise any difference in taste between a normal beer tapped from your local brewery and our beer.

“The main goal was to get the best taste, now the next step is to put some alcohol inside and some CO2 also in powder form, then we have the perfect beer that can solve so many problems.”

Mr Fritsche said that one day he hoped his powdered beer would be on sale in supermarkets where people could simply pick up a packet.

He said: “Instead of buying one kilogram of sugar, you are just buying one kilogram of powder and you have beer for the whole month, that’s the idea. It’s not concentrate but you can calculate up to 10 per cent of the normal weight of this beer is the powder.

“In normal circumstances just the glass bottle around the beer is around 500g, and the water of the beer is 500g so you are carrying a kilogram of stuff you don’t need to use.

“You have water at home and your own glass so you don’t have to bring the weight of the water and the glass bottle home with you, just the powder.

“Right now, we are focusing on the non-alcohol market and the first beer we are producing is alcohol-free, there are so many people drinking beer like this right now, in Asia and in the Middle East for example, even in England.”

The first batch of powdered beer has been made without alcohol but has all the same taste of beer, Mr Fritsche said, and he is now looking for partners to take his idea global.

He said: “Right now we are in the developing area and it will take about two to three months to get this ready, then we have proof of concept of the product then we are looking for investors and partners.

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“We want to upscale this project and this will be quite fascinating because we don’t want keep this idea for ourselves, we want to share with all brewers worldwide.

“We have about 180 million tonnes of beer which is transported worldwide every year and we want to get rid of 160 million tonnes of pure water.

“It’s ridiculous, why are we transporting this water to England, to Australia, to China and America? when we can just produce the pure taste and transport that to these countries without water.

“We wouldn’t have to produce beer bottles, plastic boxes, kegs and barrels, it’s unbelievable how much CO2 we can save by just using this beer powder.”

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