Police hunting El Chapo’s son close in as they work out codename used in calls

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    Cops are closing in on the location of infamous drug lord El Chapo’s son after working out his codename in intercepted phone calls.

    National Defense Secretariat officers hijacked communications between members of the bloody Sinaloa Cartel, where they spoke about notorious Chapo Guzmán’s son, Ovidio Guzmán Salazar.

    Documents leaked by Guacamaya Hackers show that gang members referred to Ovidio Guzmán, 32, as “the mouse” and the “old man” in an attempt to be discreet.

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    Radio communications show the cartel, located at the time in the Sierra de Sinaloa in Mexico, discussing plans for Ovidio Guzmán to meet with an unnamed individual.

    A voice responds, saying he will ask the boss to see if the plans could be confirmed.

    According to local reports, a reference of “old man” is a common nickname used by cartels to indicate who is in charge of the area.

    The land surrounding Los Chapitos is therefore likely to be under the control of Ovidio and his clan of brutal criminal conspirators – a key clue that could lead cops to his arrest.

    In other recorded conversations cartel members pledge loyalty to their boss, with one saying he is “at the service” of “El Raton”, which translates to “the mouse”.

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    Fascinating audio interceptions also showed the cartel discussing the movement of officials including the army and National Guard, referred to as “hawks” during the calls.

    In one recording a voice orders a delay before the delivery of “perico” – thought to mean cocaine – to a cruise ship due to the presence of cops.

    A voice replies: “I heard you, load and delete office” – a possible reference to clearing evidence of their main communications.

    Ovidio Guzmán Salazar remains wanted by police for his involvement in alleged drug trafficking and cartel activity.

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